Digital video loop, 0:23min
Sound by Nikos Tselios

"Threads" is an abstract exploration of space and memory, a loopable video artwork that presents a familiar yet uncharted territory. The piece was crafted by transforming depth data from a Kinect camera into a visual language of stretched lines, reminiscent of both delicate threads and ubiquitous barcodes.

Within this work, the familiar setting of my childhood home - filled with objects from around the world that my parents accumulated throughout the years - becomes a canvas for reflection. Objects now fill every available space, including the entirety of my childhood room.

The rhythm pulsing through "Threads" echoes the tempo of my steps as I walk through the rooms holding the camera.  The subtle pace is carefully amplified within the soundscape, resonating with the rhythmic echo of a heartbeat.

In this piece, every detail is elongated to the point of abstraction, rendering the once-recognizable unidentifiable, much like individual threads lose their identity in the weave of a tapestry.