Thermal Death, 2019
Music video, 00:45min
Music by Nikos Tselios

Entropy is the macroscopic measure of disorder or chaos within a physical system. The second law of thermodynamics states that, as time progresses, the entropy of an isolated system never decreases and the system tends to evolve towards a state of maximum entropy and a thermodynamic equilibrium. This irreversibility and time-assymetricism of the thermodynamic processes is described by the term The Arrow of Time. Erwin Schrodinger proposed in 1944 that living organisms maintain their high level of organization, thus low entropy, by "borrowing" entropy from their environment, what he called Negentropy. If we consider the universe to be an isolated system, then inevitably, at some point it will reach a state of maximum entropy, in which case there will be no energy flux, therefore no change and no emergence of new structures. This scenario is called Thermal Death (heat death) of the universe.