Drawing inspiration from Edward Hopper’s paintings, the film noir genre and magical realism, this project is an attempt to expand on Hopper's visuals, bring them to life and infuse them with an implied narrative.

“Dreaming Fish” is about a curious event that takes place on a rainy night while a woman looks through the window of an empty Café. It was created with collaboration with Athena Bourika for the purposes of our MA course in Digital Effects from Bournemouth University. (2013) 

Created by:
Athena Bourika and Theo Demiris
Starring: Ruby Susheela Etches
On set lighting assistant: Christina Stathatou
Costume designer: Vanessa Preuss
Costume designer assistant: Charlotte Barnes
Hair and Makeup artist: Jordan Louise Canter
Sound designer: Antti Maki

Special thanks to:
Adam Redford, Adam Twycross, Lillian Jia, Marwa Marafie, Melania Fodritto, Pascal Galloway, Phil Spicer, Rehan Zia, Shezray Hameed, Sofronis Efstathiou, Steve Harper and our classmates in the MA3D and MADE 1213 Bournemouth University courses