For my involvement in Matteo Garrone's Pinocchio as the overall VFX supervisor, I was awarded the David di Donatello for best VFX.  Pinocchio was nominated in a total of 15 categories and won 5 of them including Best Production Design, Prosthetics/Make-up and Costumes.

This award, of course, belongs to the entire VFX team that was devoted to this project throughout a very creative  pre-production, an erratic shoot and then a very intense post-production schedule. A very big thank you to VFX Producer Massimo Cipollina, character designer Pietro Scola di Mambro, the entire VFX team at One of Us and, of course, to the great Matteo Garrone for taking me along on this beautiful journey that was the making of this film.

The film eventually ended up being nominated for 2 Oscars (Best Achievement in Costume Design and Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstayling) A clear testament to the film’s beauty and strong visual language. 

Here is the full list of nominees for the David di Donatello Award (2020):


Best Production Design (Migliore Scenografo)
Dimitri Capuani

Best Costume Design (Migliore Costumista)
Massimo Cantini Parrini

Best Make-Up (Migliore Truccatore)
Dalia Colli
Mark Coulier (prostetic makeup)

Best Hair Design/Styling (Migliore Acconciatore)
Francesco Pegoretti

Best Visual Effects (Migliori Effetti Speciali Visivi)
Theo Demiris
Rodolfo Migliari

Best Film (Miglior Film)
Matteo Garrone

Best Director (Migliore Regista)
Matteo Garrone

Best Adapted Screenplay (Migliore Sceneggiatura Non Originale)
Matteo Garrone
Massimo Ceccherini

Best Producer (Migliore Produttore)
Le Pacte
Rai Cinema

Best Supporting Actress (Migliore Attrice non Protagonista)
Alida Baldari Calabria

Best Supporting Actor (Migliore Attore non Protagonista)
Roberto Benigni

Best Cinematography (Migliore Fotografia)
Nicolai Brüel

Best Music (Migliore Musicista)
Dario Marianelli

Best Editing (Migliore Montatore)
Marco Spoletini

Best Sound (Miglior Suono)
Maricetta Lombardo (sound)
Luca Novelli (boom operator)
Daniela Bassani (sound editor)
Stefano Grosso (foley artist)
Gianni Pallotto (sound mixer)