During my time at One of Us and usually as part of the bidding process, I had the opportunity to develop some exciting proof of concepts for projects that unfortunately never materialised. Even though the shows eventually landed with different VFX vendors, the results were interesting enough to share here. Each one had a unique challenge and approach and all of them represent what would eventually come to describe what I am most interested in:  Coming up with creative solutions to help the narrative.

Bubble Elephants:

How do you make soap bubbles behave realistically but also gradually come to life and form dancing elephants? This was the question that this concept had to answer. A difficult balance to hit that required some out-of-the-box thinking both technically and creatively. It also offered a small (but very interesting) insight into one of the most talented and creative minds in filmmaking.

The Chi:

Developed for the purposes of an Action/Fantasy feature, the Chi was meant to represent an inner flow of energy. Being at once in complete harmony with the environment and your inner senses. A perfect state of focus that could be channelled into battle.

The slow-motion Car Crash:

This proof of concept was meant to demonstrate the ability and the know-how to create a super slow-motion car collision and maintain interest throughout the sequence. It also acted as RnD in order to establish the workflow and tools that we would need in order to pull it off.

Bubble Fight:

Back in 2014, I was involved in the concept of an underwater sword fight made entirely out of bubbles  In the film, the two protagonists find themselves in a lake where some exposition takes place in the form of figures (made of bubbles) appearing underwater. This was my first go at concepting at a professional level.