I got a mention and a couple of quotes in the latest Cinefex issue talking about our work at One of Us on Star Wars: the last Jedi. Here is the extract about the Mirror Cave sequence:

One of Us devised the Mirror Case effect by shooting Daisy Ridley with a multi-camera rig. "the challenge was to capture progressive angles of Daisy so we could off-set each reflection", said One of Us CG supervisor Theo Demiris. "We retimed her motions so each reflection appeared to echo through time the deeper they reflected". One of Us developed tech-vis and test shoots, and then supplied diagrams and quick times reference for rehearsal. Second Unit director Dominic Fisher and second unit cinematographer Jaron Presant then used five Alexa XTs and an Alexa 65 in a greenscreen set with a black reflective floor, while One of Us 2D lead Tyson Donnelly created test composites on set in Foundry's Nuke. "The main difference in perspective occurred in the first four reflections. From the fifth onwards, if the camera wasn't moving, we could repeat the last image. In one shot the camera flew along a line of Reys - there was no way we could shoot that with our six Alexas rig flying past Daisy, so we filmed her from all angles, rotomated her and projected the elements onto her geometry"

Rey sees reflections coalesce into an apparition of two smoky figures. "We spent a lot of time developing the look and feel of the Mirror Cave", said Ben Morris. "Rian wanted it to be quite trippy. We referred to art installations of dark reflective materials. An Antony Gormley piece, Breathing Room, had a large glass box filled with steam where human bodies appeared. That inspired the mirror apparitions. For Rey's final apparition, we shot two shadowy figures and then One of Us did some beautiful effects, like thawing frost, using an L-system setup in Houdini."